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A law office in Kailua, HI with fair and affordable billing practices

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Contacting a law office can often be intimidating, particularly when many people worry about the possible costs they may incur. Yuklin Aluli strives to be as upfront about billing rates as she is about her law office's high standards of legal advice.

Because our firm wants to provide clients with the best and most efficient services, we offer free initial consultations to ensure that our services are suited to your needs. After this initial consultation, and after our billing has been explained to you, you can decide whether this law office is the place for your legal needs. Contact us in Kailua today!

Hourly billing

The primary form of billing our Kailua-based law office does is at an hourly rate. We will also ask for a retainer fee before any legal work is undertaken--the amount of that retainer will be based on the complexity of your legal needs. All of our clients receive a monthly bill indicating the amount of time spent on your case and the billing charges for the work done. The amount you are billed each month is subtracted from the funds provided in your retainer. If your case is completed before the funds in your retainer run out, you receive a refund of the amount still remaining. If your case requires more funds than those in your retainer, your monthly bill will reflect the amount owed.

Flat fee services

Our law office may undertake certain services at a flat fee. This means that regardless of how many hours or how few hours a job might take, the cost that was agreed upon beforehand will be the only cost incurred for the handling of your matter. Contact our firm in Kailua if you have additional questions about our flat fee process, or to see if your case may be handled at this rate.
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